I handle many types of criminal cases, all with the same attention to detail and commitment to favorable outcomes. Through each stage of the process I will seek to protect your rights and lookout for your best interest.  From pretrial investigative stages through trial and/or post-sentencing matters I will be there for you to ensure the best possible outcomes under those given circumstances.  No matter how seemingly minor or extraordinarily or extreme the charges may seem against you, it is always best to have an experienced attorney in your corner.  Possible punsihments that await you can be lessened and alternatives to Prison and even Probation can become viable solutions to your problems if a Honolulu Criminal Attorney is helping you.  I can help you in many of the following specific areas:

Felony Crimes which carry penalties ranging from 5 years Imprisonment, 10 years Imprisonment, 20 years Imprisonment and Life Imprisonment all of which may include, but not limited to these types of offenses:

  • All Violent crimes (Murder, Manslaughter, Assault, etc.) 
  • White Collar and Theft related crimes
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence (including help for petitions or the defense of TROs) ,
  • Robbery, Burglary, Drug related crimes
  • Hit and Run
  • ​Juvenile
  • ​Probation / Parole Hearings / Post Conviction Proceedings
  • ​Expungements

District Court and Misdemeanor Demand Cases:

  • Traffic Related Crimes, petty and misdemeanor bench trials
  • DUI defense (including ADLRO hearings)

Darrell J.K. Wong